FANO is a handheld fan made from recycled paper cranes sent to Hiroshima.

More than a functional item for generating cool breezes, FANO makes an ideal premium or corporate gift for businesses and organisations interested in promoting peace and sustainability. It makes a meaningful and original souvenir or promotional item for concerts, events and marketing campaigns.

FANO is the ‘reincarnation’ of lovingly made forizuru paper cranes sent to Hiroshima from within Japan and around the globe, totalling 10 million per year and weighing 10 tons.

In supporting the paper crane projects helmed by the city of Hiroshima, we hope to convey our appreciation to the original well wishers and crafters who made and sent the cranes. With the aid of creative thinking and innovative technology, we have transformed them into something original, useful and uniquely Japanese.

To the paper crane makers of the world – thank you.

It is our sincere hope that your paper cranes, reborn as FANO, will spread winds of peace and positive change throughout the world.

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